The heat is on! 

Everybody talks about it. The heat. The weather forecast says it will be around 39 degrees celcius/102 degrees fahrenheit in Foresthill and in Aubrun on race day. It will be even hotter in the canyons. The good thing is that I’m ready to tackle the heat! 

At the training weekend in May, everybody was talking about the heat. I have also heard the same message from my coach, Ian Sharman. Prepare for the heat! And in cooperation with Ian, I have worked out a heat training plan that I hope will help me get prepared for the blistering heat on race day.


First of all, I am no stranger to heat in the first place. I’ve lived on Gran Canaria in Spain since July last year. Gran Canaria has a similar weather as central California, with a dry heat (low humidity). The only difference is that I have not experienced such high temperatures in Gran Canaria that I’m expecting on race day (June 27th).My heat training in brief:

I have been running with four to five extra layers of clothes for the last two weeks. On some of these runs, the temperature has been similar to what I’m expecting on race day.

I have done six heat training sessions in the sauna in South Lake Tahoe. I do not know the exact temperature in that sauna, but I promise you that it’s hot! I started with 15 minutes and I’ll finish up with 40 minutes tomorrow (Monday in race week). Most of the literature about heat training suggest that the effect of heat training will start to diminish after about four days.

We have spent a good two weeks in the heat in the Sacramento area and in southern Oregon. This was good for my heat training, but it was difficult to sleep at night. We have therefore spent the last week around Lake Tahoe, where the temperature at night is about 15 degrees celcius/60 degrees fahrenheit.

I hope that I have done the right thing with heat training and hope it makes race day a bit more comfortable.


Running up Mt. Tallac yesterday with five layers of clothes. I hiked/ran the first two miles with Ingvild, Ingrid and Mari.


From Foresthill to the river ten days ago. I ran in the afternoon to be sure that it had warmed up enough. I guess the temperature was 35C/100F.


I layered up really well on my second attempt on Mt. Shasta two weeks ago.


T-shirt, baselayer shirt, hoodie and Windstopper jacket. Three buffs and a hat. Long tights, shorts and pants. The last week I have added a second base layer to make it extra sweaty.

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