Two very busy days on Madeira! 

Right now I am on my way back from a two day photo-shoot for Gore Running Wear on Madeira. It has been challenging and super busy, but also a great experience!

I flew from Gran Canaria on Tuesday afternoon, and landed on Maderia an hour later. After a short taxi ride to the hotel, I managed to squeeze in a short run before I met the whole team for dinner. «The team» was two guys from Gore Bike/Running Wear, two photographers, two local guides from LokoLoko – a local guiding/activity company, two video photographers, an art director, a make-up artist and last but not least; Agathe the model for Gore Bike Wear. It was a bit intimidating to meet Agathe, since she is a professional model that looks like models are supposed to look. Pretty. I am just me, Sondre, the ultra trail-runner. However, the whole team was very welcoming and helped me as much as they could. And hey, with the proper make-up, everybody can look pretty 🙂


Lots of people work hard in order to capture that «magic moment» on camera.

Working on a photo-shoot means starting very early in the morning to get sunrise and the beautiful light that comes with it. Then, after a couple hours of shooting and filming, it is time for a break. After lunch it is back to work again until the sun goes down. I was a model for Gore Running Wear and the apparel that hits the market next summer (2016). It is rad looking and feels amazing to run in, but I can not show any pictures yet.

Astrid, the makeup artist, making sure that I look fast.

 I am not able to run much on a photo-shoot like this. But, I did get some kilometers in, running the same couple hundred meters over and over again. It is «one more time, please» all the time. It is also a lot of waiting and driving in a car. That is of course boring, but it is a part of the game on an island the size of Madeira. Today, Friday, has been all about airplanes and airports. There is no direct flights between Madeira and Gran Canaria on Fridays, so I had to fly via Lisboa and Madrid to Las Palmas.
Thanks a lot to Gore Running Wear for letting me being a part of the marketing and the development of what I feel is the best apparel on the market. And thanks to the whole crew on Maderia for helping me look and perform as good as possible!

Patric Goerdes is the marketing director for Gore Running Wear. And a fan of Sweet Protection 🙂

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